Gluten sensitivity can trigger inflammation. If you’re sensitive (not the same as celiac disease or an allergy), the gluten in your food can irritate the inside and outside of the digestive tract, but it doesn’t actually destroy the intestinal wall the way Celiac disease does. The body thinks the gluten is an intruder (which, in reality it is), so it initiates an immune system response: inflammation. Inflammation doesn’t stay localized and only cause digestive discomfort. Instead, it spreads. And because there’s a link between gut health and your skin, acne appears.

Gluten Is Lurking in Foods You Shouldn’t Really Eat Anyway

You’ll generally lose weight and notice clearer skin when you skip the foods gluten is in simply because you’ll be eating less processed food and more whole fruits and vegetables that nourish your body. However, you will experience a decrease in inflammation and cravings for junk food may also subside. These benefits work in tandem with the superior diet to contribute to better skin and a naturally slimmer figure much more quickly and easily (and your results will be effortless to maintain!).

If you’re committed to avoiding gluten to at least give the gluten-free lifestyle a trial run, you should know that it shows up in some unexpected places, like:

Soy sauce (use tamari instead)
Some pickles (if malt vinegar was used)
Veggie burgers (not all, but some. Check labels)
Processed grains (try to get oat groats or steel cut, and ones labeled as manufactured in a gluten-free facility)
Processed meats
Ice cream
Some soups, dressings, and sauces (including soy sauce)
Seitan (look out for this one!! It comes in some brand name forms now. Avoid it!)
Snack foods, like chips and crackers
Beer, unless specifically marked gluten-free
None of these have a beneficial place in a healthy diet when you’re purchasing the pre-packaged, processed version at the grocery store (like most soups, sauces, and dressings). If you want a burger without the meat, you can make your own alkaline grain burgers from millet and amaranth flour instead of taking a chance with the store-bought ones.



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